Friday, August 12, 2011

Did the alarm not go off ..

Today,  Prince Christian of Denmark, second in line to the throne, started school.   The first day of school can be intimidating, exciting, or just plain scary.   For five-year-old Christian, the eldest of four children of Crown Prince Frederik and Crown Princess Mary,  the first day included a photo op outside the palace.  The little prince handled it well, lots of bouncing and smiling, but one has to ask:  did the Crown Prince and Crown Princess look into the mirror before heading out to face the cameras.  Crown Prince Frederik apparently grabbed a ill-fitting blue jacket from the Goodwill pile and Mary's dress was just a little too short and too sheer for such an informal occasion.

And then there was the tousle-headed little Christian, who was dressed in green pants with a purple shirt, covered by a blue sweater.   No one noticed that Christian's purple shirt was not tucked into the pants ... the only rational explanation that I can come up with is that the alarm did not go off,  Frederick and Mary jumped out of bed,  grabbed something to wear, and then Mary hurried to get Christian, who probably gave the nanny a hard time about what he wanted to wear to school.

Memo to the Crown Princess:  purple does not go with green ... and check to make sure your son's shirt is tucked in  ... and when Frederik is out of the palace, take the blue jacket and donate to a charity.

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Kalnel said...

LOL. Frederick's jackets always look ill-fitting to me. They always gape at the bottom so you can see his belt, tie, and shirt.

Agree on Mary's outfit, too.

Christian looked OK, though. Nothing photo-worthy, but pretty much like a kid at the bus stop.