Wednesday, August 3, 2011

BULLETIN: All hope abandoned for Empress Friedrich

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 August 3, 1901

Empress Friedrich's condition is "evidently precarious," according to a report from the New York Tribune.  Death is approaching for the mother of the German Emperor.

The Empress, the eldest child of the late Queen Victoria, who died earlier this year,  has, like her "mother before her, wished to have her condition pass, as far as possible," and with little observation.   The fact is that the empress is now "steadily losing strength with the progress of her terrible malady."

The news of her condition has been kept largely out of the media. and is only now being made public as the "situation has become serious."  Queen Victoria's final days were "darkened by the knowledge" that her eldest daughter was stricken with incurable cancer, and she "insisted upon having detailed reports of the medical examination and was unable to dismiss the subject from her mind."

King Edward VII and Queen Alexandra are expected to be "summoned" to Kronberg within the next few days.

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