Thursday, June 30, 2011

Will she or ....

Will Charlene Lynette Wittstock say "I do" tomorrow in Monaco.  Or will she do a runner, bolt, or even swim out of Monaco?

To be honest, I have thought the relationship between Charlene, the South African swimmer, and Prince Albert to be rather ... strange, cold, and unemotional.   I am sure life in Monaco, even in a palace with Albert's credit card in your Hermés bag is difficult where you barely speak the language, and have made few friends.

On June 28, the French news magazine, L'Express published a story about Charlene trying to flee the country, but was apprehended at the airport before she could board the flight to South Africa.

L'Express is a serious, a very serious and well-respected French magazine  It stands by its story, and the newspaper's editor has refused to name the source for the story.   The Prince of Monaco's lawyer has threatened to sue, but, strangely, the story still remains on the newspaper's website.  The Palace has denied the story.

But the story won't go away.  Earlier today,  the bride-to-be's father, Mike told South Africa Radio 702 that he was "surprised" by the speculation about his daughter's marriage.  He claims that Charlene took her mother to Paris to go shopping, which would explain her why she was in the airport.

It has been alleged that the reason for the alleged bolt is that Charlene allegedly learned that her future husband is the father of a third illegitimate child.

Prince Albert has two acknowledged natural children, Jazmin Grimaldi, 19, whose mother is a former waitress, Tamara Rotolo, and Alexandre Coste, who will celebrate his 8th birthday in August.   Alexandre's mother, Nicole, is a former airline attendent from Togo.   Prince Albert did not acknowledge the children until after the death of his father.  He also sought DNA testing.  
Jazmin Grimaldi is a student at Fordham University in New York City.

It has been confirmed that neither child will be attending the wedding although Alexandre's mom was seen in Monaco today.

It is also being reported that the police confiscated Miss Wittstock's passport in order to persuade her to stay.

The Palace has not done a good job in denying the story.  The one person who has not spoken is the bride herself.  A good portion of the world's media will be focused on Monaco this coming weekend.  The civil marriage is scheduled to take place tomorrow afternoon, followed by a gala dinner.   The religious service is to take place on Saturday, and will be followed by an ab-fab reception.

Now about the allegations about the alleged third illegitimate child:

and who is Robert Eringer:  according to his blog's profile,  "Eringer was spymaster to Prince Albert II of Monaco and created the principality's first intelligence service."


glamah16 said...

It's all so intriguing .

Kalnel said...

I just watched the wedding on Euronews. The body language does not bode well -- not only did they not look at each other during much of the ceremony, they actually were turned away from each other. Reminded me of the photos of Charles and Diana on foreign trips just before they announced their split.

Charlene looked like she'd have preferred to be elsewhere...

Marlene Eilers Koenig said...

I gave up on Euronews -as I have the German edition - and it kept coming back to other programming ... turns out CNNI has live coverage with English translator for service