Thursday, June 2, 2011

Princess Eugenie carries out engagement with dad

This may be a good sign that Princess Eugenie will begin to undertake a few more engagements.


Marilyn Braun said...

It's wonderful to see Princess Eugenie use her profile for a good cause. So many times the media only catches her coming out of a club.

The fact that Princess Eugenie went through the same experience must mean a lot to the patients. To the world it seems that princesses are supposed to be perfect, Eugenie has just confirmed that they're human.

John said...

Oh no, she said "I'm slightly scared of hospitals."
Eugenie! Your great-great-granny is rolling in her grave now, wasn't it she who said "we love hospitals!"

Kidding aside, I can understand the feeling of anxiety after such an intense surgery. I am glad she was utilized for this visit, and perhaps orthopaedic and mobility-related charities will be her area of interest if she gets more active in official duties after university.

Cheryl Ciucevich said...

I had completely forgotten about Eugenie's surgery. If she'd been born earlier in history, she would have fared very differently.

I wonder if The Duke of York took her along for another reason: To demonstrate her useful role as a real royal in order to underline her 'need' for round-the-clock security.

As Marilyn said, it is nice to see Eugenie get attention for something other than partying.