Thursday, June 16, 2011

Reports continue about the Duke of Croy's engagement to an American

It was on April 13, 1913 that the Chicago Daily Tribune reported that the news of an engagement between Miss Nancy Leishman and the Duke of Croy "did not come as a wonderful surprise to the many friends of the young woman in Paris."

It has been "current gossip" for some months that the "attractive and independent young German nobleman was deeply infatuated with Miss Leishman," and he didn't care "a copper who knew of it."  The Duke of Croy has followed Miss Leishman "about just as indefatigably as does any American youth the girl of his choice."  Wherever the Leishman party was there "would be found the Duke of Croy."

Miss Leishman "had already made herself felt in the social life of several European capitals."  She is very good looking and "has a manner that is perfectly natural and delightfully friendly."  She is "independent, gay, clever, and sparkling."  According to this report. she also has a fondness for "being entertained and for the attention she receives and the admiration given her."

She is, however, "American through and through, but with a polish that much travel and the mingling in a cosmopolitan society invariably give."

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