Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Drama King

On the fifth anniversary of his accession, King Carol II of Roumania recounted the progress his country has made under his rule. 

But according to the Associated Press, the King also lashed out at his critics:  "Am I not entitled to some measure of approval and fair treatment by the world?  Do I really deserve all the abuse and criticism that has been hurled at me in the United States and Europe merely because my wife, against my will, divorced me?  Does the world forget how I begged Princess Helen to come to in Paris and discuss reconciliation after I was forced for political reasons to leave Roumania.?
"If the world knew the whole truth of our affairs I am sure it would be more sympathetic toward me.  Even a King's life there are moments of sadness.  In this time I turn my thoughts toward my son Michael, and naturally toward the mother who gave him to me."

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