Thursday, June 2, 2011

Bernhard goes to Doorn, meets former Kaiser

June 2, 1937

Prince Bernhard, the husband of Crown Princess Juliana of the Netherlands visited former Kaiser Wilhelm II at Doorn today, reports The New York Times.

The Dutch royal family does not "officially maintain relations with Wilhelm," and Queen Wilhelmina has never seen him since his exile in 1918.  Thus,  Prince Bernhard's visit has caused comment in the Dutch press.

The reason for Bernhard's visit was to see his college friend, Prince Friedrich, son of the former Crown Prince, who was "returning from the coronation in London, where he represented the Hohenzollerns."

Wilhelm greeted Prince Bernhard at the entrance to the castle.  He looked "remarkably well," and is health is said to be much better "than it has been for some time."

In accordance with Wilhelm's "austere principles,"  the lunch was described as "extremely frugal."  Prince Bernhard stayed for several hours before returning to Amsterdam.

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