Sunday, June 19, 2011

I'm six today

No stripes as a kitten

It's my birthday!  I am six years old today.  Me.  Sienna Rose Koenig,  the youngest of the four Koenig cats.  I am cute.  I am adorable.  I am cat ... hear me purr!

I am the mediator.  When my older sister, Ella, a real diva, gets out of paw,  I break up the tense situations that she causes with my two brothers.  I love my brothers, Buddy and Edison ... and I love Ella, too.  But she doesn't cuddle like my brothers (she does like to cuddle with Mom -- we all like to cuddle with Mom.)

I am told I will have a special treat today because I am cute, adorable and I purr. I have the best personality.   I have the best home and Mommy!


John said...

Pretty coloring! She looks very fluffy!

Hopewell said...

What a sweetheart! Happy Birthday!