Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Duke of Aosta in critical condition

Jne 29, 1931

The Duke of Aosta, cousin of King Victor Emanuel of Italy, is "dangerously ill in his palace in Turin," having suffered a heart attack, "complicated by pneumonia," reports the New York Times.

The most recently issued bulletin states that the Duke's condition is "desperate."  The Duchess of Aosta, and their two sons, the Duke of Apulia and the Duke of Spoleto, are at his bedside.

The Duchess of Aosta has informed Premier Mussolini of her husband's grave condition.  The head of the Italian government responded with a "telegram expressing his regret and wishes for the Duke's recovery."   Similar telegrams have been sent by members of the Italian royal family, and "from thousands of the Duke's retainers."

The Duke of Aosta had a "brilliant World War record as commander of the 'unconquered Third Army' throughout the conflict.

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