Thursday, June 9, 2011

Helen to quit Romania?

June 9, 1931

Dispatches from Bucharest to Romania today hint at that negotiations have been concluded, and Queen Helen will be leaving Romania in a few days, according to the Associated Press.    It is understood that arrangements have been made for the Queen to receive an annual payment of $40,000 through a London bank.

King Carol had originally balked at Helen's demand that "a sum be placed in investments for her to wield $40,000 a year."  The king had insisted that he could not afford such a sum.  But he eventually agreed to the annual payments, "and opened negotiations with a British bank."

The dispatch also said Helen will be allowed to visit Romania for "more more than three times a year to see her son, Prince Michael.   She will be permitted to retain her palace in the capital and her Summer residence on the Black Sea will remain in her possession.

Carol also gave his word that he would let his former wife know "every time Prince Michael became ill" so she could return to the country and care for her son.

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