Thursday, June 16, 2011

Nancy Leishman cannot be noble

It was at a meeting of the "Association of High German Nobility" in Frankfurt-on-Main on May 14, 1913, where the main topic was the forthcoming marriage between the Duke of Croy and Nancy Leishman.

The official statements from the Association were published in the Berlin press.  The Association "unanimously decided" that Miss Leishman, daughter of the American Ambassador "could never hope to be recognized by a German Court either as a Duchess or as a 'Highness.'"  The Association also determined that no marriage of the Duke of Croy could be recognized unless he married a woman of equal birth.

The local Berlin society newspaper commented on the Association's actions:  "Mr Leishman, who in turn in other respects enjoys the reputation of being a very intelligent businessman, appears not to have informed himself sufficiently regarding the changes which await his daughter in the case of her marriage to the sovereign Duke of Dülmen, Westphalia."

This action did not appear to interfere with the wedding plans, according to the New York Times' correspondent, who noted that Miss Leishman was now living in Paris with her mother and sister.   According to the New York Times, the wedding would take place in June.

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