Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Buckingham Palace bombed

June 7, 1941

The British government "permitted disclosure tonight that Buckingham Palace's grounds were hit by bombs again," reports the Associated Press.   The Nazi bombs fell "with a window-shattering force."   Older portions of the historic Charterhouse "were burned out in recent German air raids."

Two fire watchers were killed when a "bomb fell on the Duchy of Cornwall's offices," which are located across the street from the Palace.

The bombs that fell into the palace grounds uprooted a tree "and blasted out the widows of the court post office and other rooms on the south side."  This section of Buckingham Palace has already been hit by German bombs and were repaired after the earlier damage."

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Jane Barr said...

Wow, incredible to think about. Just goes to show how brave George VI and Queen Elizabeth were to stay in London. Love the history on this blog.