Thursday, June 16, 2011

Duke to defy Kaiser and wed Miss Leishman

It was announced in Berlin on October 9, 1913 that the marriage between the Duke of Croy and Miss Nancy Leishman would take place in Geneva, Switzerland, on October 28, according to an exclusive report in the Los Angeles Times.

The marriage was opposed by the Kaiser and the Emperor of Austria, and, according to "well-founded reports," the Duke of Croy "snapped his fingers in the faces of other members of the house of Croy," who are opposed to marriage.  In Germany,  Miss Leishman will not be able to call herself Duchess of Croy or enjoy any rights at a German court.

Final arrangements were made last week in Berlin following Ambassador Leishman's retirement.  It was at this meeting where Mr. Leishman agreed to settled $10,000 a year on the Duke, in addition, to the Duke of Croy's income of $90,000 a year.  This would allow the couple to live on about $100,000 a year.

The Duke of Croy believes that his title being of French origin excludes him from the equality of birth laws in Germany.

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