Thursday, June 16, 2011

German Crown prince acts a mediator

Is Crown Prince Wilhelm of Germany acting as a mediator between the Duke of Croy and his estranged family.
On February 27, 1914, the Crown Prince visited the Duke and Duchess of Croy at their hotel in Berlin, and his visit is believed to be the first step to rapprochement with the Duke of Croy's family, who were against his marriage to an American woman, Nancy Leishman.

The Duke left his wife at their castle in Dülmen last week when he attended the wedding of one of her "former ardent admirers," Count Georg Fugger.   Nancy was not invited to the wedding because of her "ostracization by the Court set."

During the first world war,  Nancy, along with Anita, Princess of Braganza, and Bertha, Princess of Isenburg, served on a committee to raised money in the United States to aid "German wounded in the American Hospital in Munich."

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