Saturday, October 31, 2009

Grania - the latest installment

I know I promised that there would be no further Grania O'Malley posts. Earlier today, I received an email from one of Grania's nephews, a member of the O'Malley-Keyes family. He says the family is embarrassed by her lies and behavior. He confirmed that she is his aunt, and that she recently attended his wedding. One of her sons was in the bridal party.
The nephew also confirmed that Grania is Hamilton and Sadie's daughter, and is most certainly not the issue of Lady Iris Mountbatten.


DW said...

Thank goodness this has finally been put to rest. It appears you have been one of many unfortunate targets of a mentally disturbed individual.

Marlene Eilers Koenig said...

Not exactly a target. I outed her some months ago, providing the facts and figures to prove she is not Lady Grania. Corroboration by her relatives is merely icing on the cake. I am very grateful to Daniel to coming forward and to other relatives.

Julia O'Malley--Keyes said...

I have heard about this woman, Grania for family history of the unbalanced European arm of the family. This sort of nutty behavior is precisely why I have never cultivated any relationship with the loonie children of Hamilton O’Malley-Keyes who was my uncle…older brother of my father Nial O’Malley-Keyes. Here is a for instance of typical Euro O’Malley-Keyes behavior. About a year ago, Dermot (one of Hamilton's kids and Grania’s brother) contacted me through my website ( and then actually called me. I tried to be pleasant to him as he rambled on about God knows what craziness but the conversation ended badly with me telling him to bugger off and never contact me again…I have little patience for whiners, weirdos or the mentally unbalanced. There is another brother Charles (also the brother of Grania ) who is a really a nasty piece of work. While I was in Spain in the early 70's staying with my Aunt Rosemary (the sister of Hamilton and my father Nial O’Malley-Keyes) in Marbella...Charles took what little money I had and left me penniless in Spain. The whole family, every child of Hamilton O'Malley-Keyes... from top to bottom... lacks basic moral or ethical fabric! It isn't much of a stretch to claim royal's just part of their lunacy!!!
What I can’t figure out is why it would be important in any way to Grania, that she be attached to the royal family. Really! Who gives a hoot! This must be my purely American upbringing talking. We, the American arm of the family…couldn’t give two s%$ts about being connected to the royal family. I must admit that I’m tickled about your “outing” of Grania and find your missives about her extremely entertaining! The Queen and the rest of the royal family must be totally freaked out with all of it. As if they need MORE bad press…more loonies in the family! I think not! Although I think the Queen Mum is a peach… the rest of them? Pompous ass’s! It’s about bloody time someone put their foot down with this nonsense. Grania is an O’Malley-Keyes and just about as much Mountbatten as I am…which is not at all!!! Personally? I’d rather be attached to the family of Gandhi or maybe Rembrandt…Oh yes! Possibly I’ll follow the European family tradition and claim to be the long lost relative of Rembrandt! Anyway dear…good for you! Fire away! And please do continue your blog on the pompous without portfolio…It’s hugely entertaining!
All the Best,
Julia O’Malley-Keyes