Friday, October 16, 2009

Duchess of Albany's duties

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October 16, 1895

The New York Times reports on an article about the Duchess of Albany in London's Daily News. The Duchess of Albany's "knowledge of London and its environments will soon be much superior to that possessed by most residents of the metropolis." The Duchess, who is the widow of the late Duke of Albany -- Queen Victoria's youngest son -- "goes everywhere." The former Princess Helene of Waldeck und Pyrmont has gone "hop picking in Kent, distributing prizes in Hoxton, presiding at health classes in the West End."

On a recent day she was inspecting the machinery at the Tower Bridge, and the next day, the duchess was witnessing "the antics of the Somalis at the Crystal Palace."

Yesterday, the Duchess of Albany, and her two children, Princess Alice, and the young Duke of Albany, went to the Royal Albert Docks.
The royal party went on board the Bismarck, which is owned by the Victoria Steamboat Association. They also visited the P&0 steamer, the Caledonia, and lunch was served on board the British India steamer Golconda. Her Royal Highness "expressed her highly pleased with the visit."

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