Thursday, October 1, 2009

"Lady Grania" at it again

Ahh, the latest missive from the faux Lady Grania ... the real issue is that I do know my history - and I know a lot more about Lady Iris than "Grania" does. The facts are plain to see. "Grania" just doesn't want to see them ...

"hi marlene - having fun? you should know better- you are so arrogant where is
that going to get you - no where! do some more homework -you are so lazy - or
get off my case - are you a lesbian - you must be - you are enfatuated or
bosonic about me - you cant stop talking about me - I am flattered- woh you have
made me more famous - thank you keep it up my dear - your facts of my parents
history is not correct - you are american i believe, i suggest you travel to
england and dublin and spain to find out more about lady iris and hamilton - as
about me you have not a clue you have made yourself a mocking stock - tatio -
have fun - I certainly am having fun what you are writing about - regards grania
commonly known as Lady Grania"

Common ... indeed. My boyfriend thought one of her comments was absolutely hilarious.

Let's look at several facts again. Lady Iris married Hamilton O'Malley in 1941. They separated shortly afterward. He went off to war, was a prisoner of war, and eventually returned to the England by the end of 1945. Divorce proceedings were initiated by O'Malley -- and it was not easy to get a divorce in the 40s -- and the divorce was granted in July 1946. In January 1947, Hamilton O'Malley married Eleanor de Pentheny O'Kelly, known as Sadie. They had four sons and one daughter, Grania Mary. It is possible that
"lady Grania" is actually Grania Mary O'Malley. Perhaps. "Lady Grania" claims she was born July 31, 1946 in France. Grania Mary O'Malley was born July 31, 1950. If Grania is indeed Grania Mary O'Malley, why would she want to add four years to her age. What normal woman adds years to the birth date?

But one of the most important identifiers here -- that the story is false -- is the use of the courtesy title "Lady." Lady Iris was a commoner. She bore a courtesy title as the daughter of a marquesss (a peer of the realm). This title "Lady", which precedes a christian name is used in the English, Scottish, British and United Kingdom peerages to denote daughters of dukes, marquesses and earls. The courtesy title is not inherited or transmitted to children. Thus when, Lady Iris Mountbatten married Hamilton O'Malley, she became Lady Iris O'Malley. Children of the marriage would have had the surname O'Malley, not Mountbatten.
Lady Iris resumed her maiden name after her divorce. If "Lady Grania" ignores all the evidence, including official announcements in newspapers, about Lady Iris' life. It's all documented, but it a shame that this impersonator is do deluded that she cannot cope with reality.


Dennis said...

bosonic? She thinks you're a subatomic particle?

Interesting that the only words she will expend the effort to capitalize (or, apparently, spell-check) are her Own Purported Name.

Marlene Eilers Koenig said...

I am not even sure why I got this latest blast (and I never respond). Perhap she is Hamilton's daughter by Sadie de Pentheny O'Kelly - she uses the same birthdate but added four years to her age ... although she looks far older than someone allegedly born in 1946 But she cannot get the point: Iris did not see Hamilton after 1942, certainly not by 1944. That marriage was over before it started. Moreover, the facts of his second marriage are also well documented, and the births of his children by his second wife.

Elisheva said...

I was in fact harrassed by her son after I found through one of the organisations I belong to that indeed it left questions. I posted to remove her from the organisation until she could produce substantiation of her lineage. Immediately the mediator suspended her membership and enforced a query. Her son then began sending rather polite letters at first bashing the an "assumed" manner as if they were victims. I personally do not have proof one way or the other, but I dare say she is a subject of controversy. Having seen many maligned when in fact they are victims, I am always reticent to cast disperations. However, I would suspect all this could be put to rest if she would simply make a declaration in support of who she we know the truth needs no defense and to that end, if she does not wish to defend herself properly, then she should be conducting herself as the "Lady" she claims to be. It is all quite vulgur.

Regards, Ellizzette

Tracey said...

Her statements certainly aren't very "Lady"-like. She seems quite delusional!

Anonymous said...

hi marlene and marlene supporters and genealogists - I assume you have now looked at my family tree maker genealogy site - as you are so quiet!!

you owe me a public apology - as you are now aware my name is Grania Mary Mountbatten (Mountbatten by Royal License 1917)and I was born 31.07.1946 & I am an English subject - citizen of UK and I hold no other passport and my parents Hamitlon and Iris were born in England and they are British citizens & Members of the British Royal Family including generations to Queen Victoria - my grandparents Alexander Mountbatten and Irene Mountbatten and HRH Princess Beatrice of Battenberg Princess of UK 5th dau. of Queen Victoria, and HRH Prince Henry Maurice of Battenberg . The title Lady I am a Baroness - Baroness Burrishoole paternal line (ancester to Grania or Grace O´Malley of Greenwich 1st Baroness of Burrishoole)- I am great great granddaughter of Queen Victoria and related to Lord Louis Mountbatten & I al also 2nd cousin of HRH Prince Philip Mountbatten King Consort nephew of Lord Louis Mountbatten - I am also related to the King of Spain through my great aunt Queen Victoria Eugenie of Spain - come to terms with it or seek help with a theropist - do your homework genealogists in the future before accusing - having a pleasure to hurt people is not acceptable in a civil world/society - other than being arrogant you are monsters and should be ashamed of yourselves for the distress/disturbance you have caused to me and my own family and to my Family The Mountbatten Family.

We are not a Catholic Family - my family are Protestant (Church of England) I am in line, including my issue & future genrations (those belonging) to the Throne of England as a Protestant & as Mountbatten (Battenberg)- and that includes Connaught & Germany of which I take the Throne of as Queen as Monarch whenever these countries require I as Queen as Monarch

sorry to disappoint you! hope have answered to your queries

David Prosser said...

I note 'Grania' makes claim to be 15th in line for the Throne.Here is the official list, can someone lend me a pair of glasses as I can't find her.
These days her websites are getting cheekier, now pronouncing on a Noble Order of Mountbatten which she controls as head of the House of Mountbatten. Despite her delusions I don't find her funny at all. I think she's dangerous in making a mockery of the Royal Household.Time the Mountbatten heirs did something about her and the ridiculous claims she makes. It always gives me pleasure to get her kicked off as site and to help educate her friends on facebook.
1. HRH Charles, Prince of Wales (b 1948) B D W
2. HRH Prince William, Duke of Cambridge (b 1982) B D W
3. HRH Prince Henry of Wales (b 1984) B D W
4. HRH Prince Andrew, Duke of York (b 1960) B D W
5. HRH Princess Beatrice of York (b 1988) B D W
6. HRH Princess Eugenie of York (b 1990) B D W
7. HRH Prince Edward, Earl of Wessex (b 1964) B D W
8. James, Viscount Severn (b 2007) B D W
9. Lady Louise Windsor (b 2003) B D W
10. HRH Anne, Princess Royal (b 1950) B D W
11. Peter Phillips (b 1977) B D W
12. Savannah Phillips (b 2010) B D W
13. Zara Phillips (b 1981) B D W
14. David Armstrong-Jones, Viscount Linley (b 1961) B D W
15. The Hon. Charles Armstrong-Jones (b 1999) B D W
16. The Hon. Margarita Armstrong-Jones (b 2002) B D W
17. The Lady Sarah Chatto (b 1964) B D W
18. Samuel Chatto (b 1996) B D W
19. Arthur Chatto (b 1999) B D W
20.HRH Prince Richard, Duke of Gloucester (b 1944) B D W
21. Alexander Windsor, Earl of Ulster (b 1974) B D W
22. Xan Windsor, Lord Culloden (b 2007) B D W
23. The Lady Cosima Windsor (b 2010) B D W
24. The Lady Davina Lewis (b 1977) B D W
25. Senna Lewis (b 2010) B W
26. The Lady Rose Gilman (b 1980) B D W
27. Lyla Gilman (b 2010) B
28.HRH Prince Edward, Duke of Kent (b 1935) B D
George Windsor, Earl of St Andrews (b 1962) XM / D W
Edward Windsor, Lord Downpatrick (b 1988) XC / D W
The Lady Marina-Charlotte Windsor (b 1992) XC / W
29. The Lady Amelia Windsor (b 1995) B D
Lord Nicholas Windsor (b 1970) XC / D W
30. Albert Windsor (b 2007) [n 2]
31. Leopold Windsor (b 2009)
32. The Lady Helen Taylor (b 1964) D [n 3]
33. Columbus Taylor (b 1994) D
34. Cassius Taylor (b 1996) D
35. Eloise Taylor (b 2003) D
36. Estella Taylor (b 2004) D
HRH Prince Michael of Kent (b 1942) XM / D W
37. The Lord Frederick Windsor (b 1979) B D
38. The Lady Gabriella Windsor (b 1981) B
39.HRH Princess Alexandra, The Honourable Lady Ogilvy (b 1936) B
40. James Ogilvy (b 1964) W
41. Alexander Ogilvy (b 1996) W
42. Flora Ogilvy (b 1994) W
43. Marina Ogilvy (b 1966) W
44. Christian Mowatt (b 1993) W
45. Zenouska Mowatt (b 1990) W

JC said...

The "Lady Grania Mountbatten" is a thoroughly debunked fraud.

Marlene Eilers Koenig said...

Yes, JC I know. I was the one who first outed her as I happen to know Lady Iris' son. If you use the search box, you will find I wrote numerous pieces on Grania. Even reported her to the Home office for lying on her passport.