Monday, October 26, 2009

Head of Methodist church "counsel's Margaret

October 26, 1955

A stream of criticism toward Princess Margaret continues in Britain's media and by religious leaders. The New York Times reports that that head of Britain's Methodist church "added his voice to those suggesting that Princess Margaret" renounce all claims to the throne if she marries Group Captain Peter Townsend, a divorced man. The Rev. Dr. Leslie Weatherhead stated that the princess would then be "free to enjoy married happiness."
A Times of London editorial has made a similar comment, but Lord Beaverbrook's Evening Standard has published an immediate rejoinder. Princess Margaret, the paper's editorial states, deserves the nation's respect as "she attempts to give the question of her marriage the full consideration it requires and demands."
Princess Margaret continues to carry out her official engagements.


Skenderbey said...

How far we have come from Margaret's inability to marry a divorcee to Prince Charles's 2nd marriage.
A bit of a shame actually, who knows how much Margaret's personal life would have prospered if she had been allowed to marry Capt. Townsend without giving up her rights.

Anonymous said...

Skenderbey, I think that most people would agree with your thoughts.

Kind Regards, Keith.