Thursday, October 15, 2009

Marie's indignation over Ileana's marriage rumors

October 15, 1929

Queen Marie of Roumania is indignant over published reports that Princess Ileana eloped with a young naval lieutenant. She issued the following statement tonight to the Associated Press and other news organizations:
"I am pained and indignant that it is possible for any one to spread such idiotic and calumnious tales. Since King Ferdinand's death Ileana has never left my side. We are constant companions and we cannot do without each other. Ileana's earnest sense of duty and love for me are a guarantee that she will always be the pride of her country and the royal family,"
The palace has been inundated with questions about Ileana's elopement since the stories first appeared in American and European newspapers. Palace officials and Queen Marie have said the stories are completely false. Princess Ileana has not run off to marry anyone.

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