Friday, October 2, 2009

FLASH "Lady Grania outed"

It took some time, but today I learned the true identity of the woman who claims to be "Lady Grania Mary Mountbatten."
Her real name is Grania Mary O'Malley, the third child and only daughter of the late Hamilton O'Malley and his second wife, Eleanor de Pentheny O'Kelly, who was known as Sadie. Eleanor is also deceased.
Grania has four brothers, Charles, Patrick, Dermot and Owen (listed as unnamed son in Burke's Irish Family Records.)
Grania was born July 31, 1950.

Her identity was confirmed to me by a family member.


Michelle said...

YES! i knew it! i called buckingham palace but they couldn't do much... thanks for finding out who this pretender really is! as a cousin to the kennedys, it makes me extremely angry when someone pretends to be close to a family they aren't part of... it was bad enough that this woman was using the royal family who i respect greatly, but being part of a well-known family, it was that much harder for me to contain the anger i feel towards her. down with grania! down with the fraud! hopefully she'll live a nice long life, fully aware that the game's over!

Marlene Eilers Koenig said...


The woman has mental health issues. She's ill, so she needs treatment, and I hope her family is able to help her.

Michelle said...

i too hope she gets the help she needs. but as someone who's struggled with mental illness in the past, i know that isn't an excuse to lie & pretend to be someone you aren't. but i do hope she is able to get help & find peace in her TRUE identity.

Rebecca A Emrich said...

iris mountbatten and mr o'malley a member(s) of the british royal family? well, extended I suppose, but last I checked, lady iris was a great-grandchild on the female line of Queen Victoria. I also recall reading elsewhere (not your books) that lady iris had one child, a son.
I wasn't sure about this, Marlene, please keep us posted. I susspect that anon is in fact "lady Grania".