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Marquess "scotches" romance rumors

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 October 2, 1949

The Marquess of Milford Haven "wants to scotch all those rumors" regarding possible marriages with Sharman Douglas or Princess Margaret. Speaking to an United Press reporter, Lord Milford Haven said he never had "any romance with either Princess Margaret Rose or Sharman Douglas.

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 Last week, the Marquess "resigned" as Britain's most eligible bachelor as he announced his engagement to an American divorcee, Mrs. Romaine Simpson.

The couple expect to get married in Washington, D.C., in November.

He said that he was named "most eligible bachelor" after he served as Prince Philip's best man at the latter's wedding to Princess Elizabeth in 1947.
Lord Milford Haven and the Duke of Edinburgh are first cousins. Lord Milford Haven's father, George, and Philip's mother, Alice, were siblings.

Even before Elizabeth's marriage, Lord Milford Haven's name was linked with her younger sister. Of the alleged romance with Princess Margaret, the Marquess said: "That was pure invention. I have known the Princess for years, but there has never been any sort of romance between us." He also confirmed that he had never been involved with Sharman Douglas, whose father is the American ambassador to Britain.

The Marquess succeeded his father in 1938 after the 2nd Marquess died from cancer. His mother, Nada, is the former Countess Nada de Torby, the youngest child of the late Grand Duke Michael of Russia and the late Countess Sophie Torby.

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