Wednesday, October 21, 2009

No title for Marjorie Gould

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 October 21, 1909

In an exclusive dispatch published by the Chicago Tribune, American heiress Marjorie Gould declared in a letter to a friend: "An American is good enough for me." She has made it clear that she will not marry a titled European, even though Prince Franz Joseph of Braganza and Prince Alexander Georgevitch Romanovski have made formal appeals to her father for her hand in marriage.

Prince Franz Joseph is the brother of Prince Miguel of Braganza who recently married another American heiress Anita Stewart. Miss Gould is the niece of Anna Gould, who is now the wife of the Prince de Sagan. Her previous marriage to Count Boni de Castellane was an unmitigated disaster. Marjorie is the daughter of George Gould, son of the financier Jay Gould.

Miss Gould has no wish to repeat her aunt's "unhappy experience."

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