Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Will Boris visit America?

October 26, 1923

Bulgaria's Foreign Minister is recommending to King Boris III that he visit other European capitals and the United States as "normal conditions have been restored at home," according to the Associated. The young Bulgarian sovereign is "anxious to adopt the suggestion," as he has not yet met any of the current reigning monarchs. King Boris is eager to establish friendly contracts with the sovereigns and their governments.
Friends of the King, who is 29, say he may undertake the trip with the "possibilities of finding a suitable young woman in Europe or in the United States to be his Queen," as there are no eligible women in Bulgaria.
As the supply of maiden Princesses and Duchesses in Europe is not equal to the demand," King Boris may "select one of the democratic daughters of America, rather than a titled lady of the Continent."
The late Bulgarian premier Stamboulisky always wanted the king to marry an American girl as such a marriage might have brought "financial affluence to the impoverished Bulgarian throne."
King Boris lives a "lonely studious life" in the palace at Sofia, where his sole companions are his two sisters.

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