Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Leopold wants to study at an American university

October 20, 1919

Crown Prince Leopold of the Belgians, who is visiting the United States with his parents, King Albert and Queen Elisabeth. The prince, whose official title is the Duke of Brabant, is now is Kansas City, Missouri, where he and his parents will visit different factories.
The prince told a New York Times reporter that he would like to study at an American university. He says he is "eager to win a degree at some great American university which breathes the spirit of democracy." Prince Leopold is "irked by royal etiquette." He said he "was profoundly impressed by Harvard," which the prince visited two weeks ago.
Yesterday, the Duke of Brabant visited a cowboy and Indian show in Albuquerque. He was delighted with the show but expressed one regret: "I wish there had been some lassoing."

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