Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Lord Harewood dead at 83

October 6, 1929

The 5th Earl of Harewood died today at his home, Harewood House, near Leeds, reports United Press.
The earl, who was 83 years old, became seriously ill last night and "grew steadily worse today." His wife, the Countess of Harewood, Lord Lascelles and his two sons, and the Earl's two younger children, the Viscountess Boyne and the Hon. Edward Lascelles, were at his bedside when he died at 4.p.m.
Lord Lascelles, who is married to the King's only daughter, Princess Mary, succeeds to the earldom. His wife will be known as Princess Mary, Countess of Harewood. The couple's eldest son, George, will be styled as Viscount Lascelles.
The Earl had long suffered from lung trouble.

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Anonymous said...

At least once a week I'll be scanning my RSS feed lists (including the pieces from your blog), and you'll suck me in with a headline that I mistake as being current news. Today you got me twice: With Lord Harewood's death and with the Belgian Queen. As the present Lord Harewood is in his 80s, I thought it must be true. As for the Queen and Louise, I couldn't imagine what a five-year-old princess could do that would require Paola's intervention...

Thanks for the fun and intriguing posts!