Friday, October 16, 2009

de Braganca - Stolberg-Stolberg wedding

HRH Princess Isabel de Orleans-Braganca and Count Alexander zu Stolberg-Stolberg were married today in Rio de Janeiro. The nuptial mass took place at the Imperial Church of Nossa Senhora da Glória do Outeiro. A reception followed the Paco Imperial.
Several members of the former Brazilian imperial family have married at this church, including the bride's parents.
Princess Isabel is not a Brazilian dynast. Her father, Prince Fernando renounced for himself and his descendants the rights to the Brazilian throne in 1975 when he married a Brazilian commoner, Maria de Grace Baere de Araujo.
The non-dynasts are entitled to the HRH and title of Prince or Princess. Dynastic members are styled as HI & RH. At this time, there are only six members of the family who are entitled to the HI & RH: Dom Luis Gastao, who is the head of the house; his brothers, Dom Bertrand and Dom Antonio and Dom Antonio's three surviving children: Amelia, Rafael and Maria Gabriela. The eventual head of the house is Dom Antonio, who is married to Princess Christine de Ligne. Neither Luis nor Bertrand are married.)

The newlyweds are expected to settle in Brussels, where Count Alexander is a director at Fontana Investments. Count Alexander is the eldest son of Count Josef Emanuel zu Stolberg-Stolberg and his Belgian wife, Jacqueline de Florin Duikinberg. Count Alexander is a director at Fontanta Investments in Brussels.

The princess had made a very good match as she is the first non-dynast descendant of Dom Pedro Henrique to have married a European noble. This marriage, however, will not change Isabel's status due to her father's renouncement when he married Isabel's mother.


Maria Menezes said...

Congratulations for the blog! I´m surprised you have not any topic about Portuguese Royal Family but nevertheless, you can visit my blog of our Royal Family.
If you find any photos of HRH Duarte Pio of Braganza (Duke of Braganza)and his wife in this wedding, can you send me please? - - I would be very greatful.

Marlene Eilers Koenig said...

thank you for your kind remarks. Most of the pieces on the blog are historical, and I have written several pieces about Anita Stewart and the marriage of King Manoel.
It would be a violation of international copyright law to send you photos that I did not take. The rights would belong to the agency or to the photographer. If you have not noticed already, I usually post photos that are out of copyright, or copyrighted photos, where I have received permission to post.

Maria Menezes said...

Thank you Marlene for your answer. Don´t worry, I never copy photos without copyright permission as you can see on my blog. If you post some photos out from copyright, I will ask you permission if I can copy and it is mentioned on blog that the photos were taken from your blog.