Thursday, October 15, 2009

Prince Rupprecht reported slain

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October 15, 1939

The American news agency, United Press, is reporting "a widespread belief" that the former Crown Prince Rupprecht "was mysteriously killed in the first days of the Polish campaign." It is "widely believed" that the prince was killed by Adolf Hitler's special guards.

The UP report is based on an Agence France radio dispatch from Ljubljana, Yugoslavia.

Agence radio "asserts repeatedly that the 70-year-old Prince has met the same fate as Col. Gen. Baron Werner von Fritsch, former commander-in-chief of Germany army. The German high command reports that von Fritsch was killed in action before September 22. There are rumors that von Fritsch was slain by Hitler's guards.

Crown Prince Rupprecht, is the head of the former ruling house of Bavaria. He is the eldest son of the late King Ludwig III and Queen Maria Theresa. The Prince is married to Princess Antonia of Luxembourg, by whom he has six children. His heir, Prince Albrecht, is the only surviving child of his first marriage to Duchess Marie Gabrielle in Bavaria.

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