Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Infanta Cristina goes to the opera with her daughter

Infanta Cristina of Spain, who is living in Bethesda, Maryland, as her husband is on assignment for a Spanish telecom company, went to the opera on Saturday. She was accompanied by her children as the Washington National Opera performed a children's version of Verdi's Falstaff. The Infanta and her children sat in Placido Domingo's box. Monday's Reliable Source column included a tidbit and a photo of Cristina and her daughter, Irene.


Although Infanta Cristina wants to be largely anonymous here in the USA, even turning down a dinner with President Obama, she will soon realize that the United States does not have the type of privacy laws that exist in Europe. In other words, she cannot request that a photographer not take photos of her family if the family is outside of the Bethesda home. The lobby of the Kennedy Center is a public space, and photographers were free to snap photos of people attending the opera. In fact, the photo was not taken by the Washington Post, but by the Washington National Opera's house photographer. The Infanta was sitting in a corporate box (owned by Placido Domingo). Thus, she could not prevent the Opera's house photographer from taking photos.

Although there is probably a minimal interest in Cristina, but if someone snaps her buying groceries at the local Giant, there is nothing she can do because she is outside of her house.

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