Tuesday, March 10, 2009

What is Fergie Smoking now?

Goodness gracious! Sarah, Duchess of York, the former wife of the Duke of York, has again put her foot into her mouth. In an interview with the CBC, she claims that there were plans to send Andrew to Canada as Governor General after their marriage. If this had happened, Sarah told the reporter, her marriage would have survived.

What? Memo to Fergie: Canada has not had a royal governor general since 1952. The standard has been to name a Canadian, and the position alternates between English and French-speaking Canadians.
Queen Elizabeth II selects the Governor General on the advice of the Canadian Prime Minister. In 1952, Vincent Massey became the first Canadian resident to be named as Governor General. The last royal to serve as Governor general was the Earl of Athlone (ne Prince Alexander of Teck) who served from 1940-1946. Lord Athlone was married to Princess Alice of Albany.

Despite Sarah's protestations to the contrary, Queen Elizabeth II was not going to name her second son as Governor General of Canada. The real selection is made by Canada's Prime Minister.

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