Monday, March 23, 2009

New rumors for Wales marriage

March 23, 1927

This is an exclusive to the Los Angeles Times. Britain's heir to the throne, the Prince of Wales, will be visiting Spain next month, and the "possibility of an Infanta becoming the next Queen of England is again being discussed in Madrid." The Prince of Wales will visit the Spanish royal family on April 10, and stay through Easter week.
Although the prince will travel incognito, "elaborate plans are being made by the King, the aristocracy and the government to entertain the British heir." He will spend most of his time at Seville, as the guest of the Marqués Yanduri, whose home is described as a "magnificent princely abode in Southern Spain." Spanish grandees are expected to host hunts for the prince on their estates. There will also be a series of balls, where the prince will the guest of honor, and the younger members of the Spanish royal family, including the Prince of the Asturias, Don Jaime and the Infantas Beatriz and Cristina, will attend.
However, due to King Alfonso's "puzzling malady", there will be little entertaining in Madrid.

The New York Times reports, however, that the Prince of Wales will "witness the religious ceremonies of Holy Week."


Nicolas said...

How different history would have been if the then Prince of Wales would have married an Infanta of Spain...whom migth be king of the UK now? and taking into consideration that the King of the UK was the son in law of King Alfonso, history in Spain would have different as well......

Marlene Eilers Koenig said...

except that there never would have been a marriage ... Beatriz would have had to convert to the Anglican church.