Friday, March 20, 2009

Prince and Princess Andrew of Greece leave for France

March 20, 1923

Prince and Princess Andrew of Greece left New York today for France. The New York Times reports that the prince and princess had been staying with Andrew's brother, Prince Christopher, and his wife, Princess Anastasia. They are traveling on board the Aquitania, and have no plans to return to Greece, as Prince Andrew did not want to risk the chance of being executed." He was recently tried in Greece by a court-martial and exiled from his country "following the Greek military disaster in Asia Minor."
Prince and Princess Andrew said they hoped to return to New York later in the year.
Prince Christopher accompanied them to the pier. He and his wife were also scheduled to travel on the Aquitania, but due to Princess Anastasia's health, their plans have changed, and they will leave New York when she is better.
Prince Andrew said he and his family will stay in Paris "indefinitely."

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