Tuesday, March 31, 2009

A spoon for Margriet

March 31, 1943

A silver birthday spoon, which was made in the Netherlands, has been smuggled out of the country, and has reached London. The spoon is now en route to Ottawa, as a gift for Princess Margriet of the Netherlands, the youngest daughter of Crown Princess Juliana.
The spoon's bowl has been made from a 1941 Dutch Guilder, a year after the Netherlands was occupied by Germany. The handle of the spoon is "topped" by a 1941 Kmartje coin and a crown.


E.E. Beck said...

Princess Margriet is not the youngest daughter of Queen Juliana.
Princess Christina is.
Margriet is the third of four.
I think you meaan a kwartje.
A kwartje is a dutch piece of money (25cents).
After introduction of the euro it is now history.
E.E. Beck

Marlene Eilers Koenig said...

In 1943, when this story was written, Margriet was indeed the youngest child! Kmartje was the word used in the original article.