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Louis Ferdinand sails for the US to seek work

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March 9, 1929 
 Prince Louis Ferdinand, who is the second son of the former German Crown Prince, is sailing alone to the US on the Bremen. Although Germany is "frantically searching for a dictator, preferably one of princely origin," Prince Louis Ferdinand has other plans. He wants to work in the USA or as a banker in Argentina. He plans to visit Hollywood, Chile, and "points south to carve his own business career," according to Chicago Daily Tribune reporter Sigrid Schultz. 

The prince is described as the favorite child of Crown Princess Cecilie. As he is the second son, he is expected to make his own fortune, as his older brother, Prince Wilhelm, will one day head the former ruling house. 

It is not known what the "slim, artistic 23-year-old prince" will choose as a career, but banking is certainly at the top of the list.

 Prince Louis Ferdinand also wants to see the world before settling down and marrying. Prince Louis Ferdinand was asked about his own chances to become Germany's dictator. "I will be glad to be away if they really mean the dictatorship. Yes, it is true that I had the impression the dictatorship was doing pretty well in Spain when I visited Premier Prime de Rivera, but what is right for Spain is not necessarily right for Germany. For Germany, a dictatorship would never do." 

The Prince's trip was with the full permission of his grandfather, the Kaiser, and his father, Crown Prince Wilhelm. He plans to work in Argentina, where he has already received offers for banking jobs. His interest in South America is not a surprise. He recently received his doctorate. His thesis: "Immigration to Argentina."

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