Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Queen Marie may soon visit America

March 11, 1919

Queen Marie of Roumania may soon visit the United States. The Associated Press reports that the trip may take place before or after the peace conference, although no decision has been made. It is not a secret that the Roumanian queen, a British princess by birth, admires America and Americans. The Queen sat down today with an AP reporter and said that visiting America was one of her fondest wishes.
"I feel that I shall be almost as much at home in America as in my own country, for I have come to know Americans as intimately as my own people. I desire first to have the privilege of thanking in person the people of the United States for the great help they have given Roumania through the American Red Cross and the food administration."
She added: "It's a splendid thing to see so many of your fine soldiers in France. Whenever, I pass one of them on the street, I feel instinctively that there is one of my friends and my impulse is to shake every one of them by the hand."
The Queen, who is in Paris, also spoke of the "wonderful part played by the women of America and England and declared that it was their dauntless spirit which had carried the troops on to victory."
"Woman's Day has come," Queen Marie concluded, "and I believe she will have an increasingly important part in the future life of the world."

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