Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Mrs. Tooth dead at 81 -- in 2000!

The Daily Telegraph today reports the death of Mrs. Geoffrey Tooth. She was 81-years-old. One major problem ... the Princess died on October 22, 2000 - and the Daily Telegraph published the same obituary on November 13, 2000! Enjoy it.

Mrs. Tooth was born Princess Xenia Romanoff, the daughter of Prince Andrei of Russia, who was the son of Grand Duke Alexander and Grand Duchess Xenia, who was Nicholas II's sister. Prince Andrei had married morganatically in 1918 to Donna Elisabetta Ruffo, a member of an Italian noble family. But she was not a member of a reigning or royal family, which was required for dynastic marriages.
Prince Andrei (known in England as Prince Andrew) and his family moved to Provender, near Faversham in Kent. (The house is now the home of Xenia's half-sister, Princess Olga.)

Here is a link to the Daily Telegraph obit:

The princess was married twice. Her first husband was an American, Calhoun Ancrum, Jr., who was born in the Philippines, where his father, a U.S. Marine officer was based. The couple's engagement was announced on May 30, 1945 in London.
[Ancrum was a Lieutenant in the U.S. Army, which was his cover as he was an officer in the Office of Strategic Services. From 1943 to 1945, Ancrum flew once a week from England "over Germany to convey instructions by radio to anti-Nazi Germans", according to his obitary in the Boston Globe. Ancrum was fluent in German, French, Italian, Norwegian, Danish, Swedish and Russian. After the second world war, he worked for the U.S. Allied Secretariat in Berlin and for the U.S. High Commissioner in Germany. In 1970, Ancrum entered the Episcopal Theological School in Cambridge, Massachussetts. He was ordained as an Episcopal priest, and served as the assistant rector at the Old North Church in Boston. He died on February 21, 1990 at the Massachusetts General Hospital.}
The Princess and her brother, Michael, became British subjects in 1938, according to the New York Times article about the engagement.
Princess Xenia and Ancrum were married in a Russian Orthodox service in London on June 17, 1945. The couple were divorced nine years later, and in 1958, Xenia married a Briton, Geoffrey Tooth, whose first wife was Princess Olga Galitzine. Tooth died in 1998
Xenia Tooth did not have children by either marriage. She is survived by her brother, Andrew, who lives in San Francisco, and her half-sister, Olga.

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