Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Kaiser to visit Copenhagen; the Cumberlands depart Copenhagen

March 11, 1903

The Times' correspondent in Copenhagen reports, according to the New York Times, that the "news of the approaching departure of the Duke and Duchess of Cumberland coming so soon after the announcement of Emperor William's intended visit" to Copenhagen has caused "some sensation."
The Duke of Cumberland is the son of the late King Georg V of Hannover, whose throne was lost in 1866 when Prussia annexed Hannover. It said that the Duke and Duchess are returning to their home in Austria earlier than expected because of their son's illness.
The Times' correspondent also notes that William "has taken no effective steps to conciliate the Duke," and continues to reject the Duke's claim as head of the house of Hannover. The reporter also suggests that William "is assured of a good reception in Copenhagen," despite questions regarding North Schleswig.

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