Thursday, March 12, 2009

Grand Duke Alexander rebuffed in Paris

March 12, 1919

Grand Duke Alexander Mikhailovitch, who recently arrived in Paris from the Crimea, told the Associated Press today that unless the Allies soon intervene in Russia, "the situation there would become so hopelessly desperate that it would take years, perhaps decades, to restore a semblance of order and bring about peace in Eastern Europe."
Alexander, who is married to Nicholas II's sister, Xenia, said: "I do not ask the Allies to fight for us. I merely ask them to keep order in the territories wrested from Bolshevism by the Governments already fighting the Soviet.
"I came here in January in an attempt to help my country as a private citizen acquainted with conditions in Russia. I thought I would find justice and sympathy at the Peace Conference, but I have been disappointed as I found only personal intrigues, party politics and national egotism visible."
He said that he asked if President Wilson would receive him, but the American president "replied through his secretary that he was too busy with Peace Conference matters. What matter can be more momentous than the Russian problem? I asked to be allowed to go to England, but was refused a passport, yet they received Kerensky. I dare out request to visit American, not wishing to invite a rebuff."

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