Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Bulgarian prince in Los Angeles; praises Americans

March 11, 1929

Prince Cyril of Bulgaria, brother of King Boris, is in Southern California for a four day visit. He is accompanied by Gen. Baron Wilhelm von Einem, an Austrian military leader in the World War and his wife, "renowned as a big game hunter," and the portrait painter, Max Rabes. The party is staying at the Biltmore in Los Angeles.
The prince has been in the United States since early January. He has spent a lot of his time in Detroit and Toledo, visiting automobile factories. The Prince, who was interviewed by the Los Angeles Times, was asked about his impression of the United States.
"A splendid country, where miracles are performed everywhere. A people. generous in their hospitality and friendliness, and, a climate to fit in everyone's requirements," he said.
Prince Cyril and his friends will spend four days visiting Pasadena, San Diego and other cities in the Southland, before heading east to visit Philadelphia and Boston.
The Prince has already visited New York, Toledo, Detroit,, Miami, Palm Beach, Havana, the Grand Canyon and Yosemite.

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