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Crown Princess Marie loves Americans

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 March 11, 1911 

 Crown Princess Marie of Roumania has taken up the "cudgels for Americans," reports the Los Angeles Times. According to the newspaper, Bucharest society women are showing signs of hostility to what they perceive to be "the American invasion." They have chosen not to invite Americans to "their smartest functions." 

The British-born Crown Princess, who is a granddaughter of Queen Victoria, is "fond of everything American and is a personal friend of many Americans, including the Astor family." Marie became "highly indignant" when she learned about the exclusion of Americans invited to social functions, but she waited for a "favorable opportunity to give her opinion." 

The Crown Princess received an invitation to a charity ball in Bucharest, which was "given by some of the great ladies of this country." Before she gave her response, the Crown Princess asked to see the guest list. "Why are there no American ladies here," she asked Countess Fulchiano. The countess explained that the event was to be a "very select and highly national function." 

Marie's reply: "Nonsense! There are several American women in town, the wives of diplomats, engineers, and prominent American businessmen, All these ladies are my friends. If they are not immediately put on the list of guests, I shall not go to the ball -- nor to any similar entertainment." Marie's "declaration had a tremendous effect," as all of the American ladies living in Bucharest received an invitation to the ball. The "American boycott" by Bucharest society is, according to the report, "a thing of the past."

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