Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Perhaps another royal wedding!

I am currently working on a new book on the descendants of Grand Duke Adolphe of Luxembourg. This project has been on the back burner for some years for a variety of reasons, but I decided that it was time to restart my engines. A publication date has not been set, but the publisher will most likely be Rosvall Royal Books. Don't ask Ted or me about when the book will be ready. I expect to be working on it for the rest of this year.

I have heard from several sources about a possible announcement from the Grand Ducal Palace, perhaps as early as this week. I was not told what the announcement will be, but I can certainly make a guess ... and here are several of my guesses:

the announcement of the engagement of the Hereditary Grand Duke Guillaume. In 2001, he was apparently dating Pia Haraldsen, a great niece of Queen Sonja of Norway. (Pia was adopted by Sonja's nephew and his wife.) That relationship apparently lasted for about a year or so. He's not been linked with anyone since that time, but that does not mean he's not been seeing someone. The Luxembourg royals can keep their romances under wrap.
Guillaume, who is apparently a fan of American football (and the New York Giants), celebrated his 27th birthday last November.

Grand Duke Henri is to abdicate in favor of his eldest son. This is not a realistic guess, but a guess, nonetheless.

The Grand Duke and Grand Duchess are to divorce - and he wants to marry someone else. These are guesses, nothing more. Don't read anything into my second and third guesses, nor the first because the only information that I have been told is that there might be an announcement.

I think the announcement will be that Luxembourg has decided to leave the European Union!

In conclusion, let me stress that there may not be an announcement at all, only the possibility of an announcement.


Anonymous said...

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Kalnel said...

Hmmm...wondering if you meant the headline on this one to be April 1st? ;-)

Nikki said...

Is there any further news on this? Are we still to expect an announcement or is this major event no longer in the works?

Marlene Eilers Koenig said...

If there had been further information, I would have reported it.