Saturday, March 21, 2009

More on Prince Jean

Here is a link to an article (in German) from the Luxembourger Wort.

It is assumed that Jean's wife will be styled as HRH and a Princess of Luxembourg, or HRH and a Princess of Nassau. This will be decided by Jean's brother, Grand Duke Henri. Prince Jean retains his title, but renounced his rights to the throne in 1986.


Anonymous said...

the question of the title depends on one the consent or non consent of Grand Duke Henri.

The Grand Ducal decree on 1995 regulates this.

Art 2 dipulates that if a prince of the house marries with the consent, the wives are HRH Princess of Luxembourg and the children HRH Prince/Princess of Nassau - like for Prince Guillaume's family.

Art 4 dipulates that if a Prince marries without the consent his wife is countess of Nassau like the children of this marriage.

This was the case with Prince Robert, whose wife and children were first countess/count. Only later the Grand Duke "up-graded" them to princesses/prince of Nassau.

The same applied to Prince Jean's first mariage; his brother later "up-graded" the children. His fist wife lost her title countess with the divorce (Art 4)

For me it is a bit bizarre why the wife of prince Louis is not a countess of Nassau since their wedding and their children too. I thought the titles are regulated by law (decree of 1995). I am not aware a fruther decree deprived her of her position according to the decree of 1995.

So the question is whether Jean

Marlene Eilers Koenig said...

I am well aware of the various decrees. My next book will be on the descendants of Grand Duke Adolphe of Luxembourg.
Henri, as the sovereign, can do what he wants with titles. It was announced when Louis married (he renounced his rights) that his wife and his children would have the surname de Nassau and no titles ... if the marriage lasts, then perhaps they too might get an upgrade.
As for Diane, I think she might be HRH Princess of Luxembourg because she is noble. But .. it all depends on if Henri knew and what he thinks about all of this.

Anonymous said...

so far for the rule of law
what's the point then of having a decree at all? Just state that the the head of the family will fix the titles individually.

Marlene Eilers Koenig said...

In Britain, the Sovereign is the fountain of all honors. According to the 1917 Letters Patent, Prince Edward's children should be HRH and prince and princess. But it was announced on the morning of their wedding that their children would not have royal styles. No new LP was issued. It appears that this is similar. Perhaps Henri wants to make sure that the marriage will last before giving Tessy a title.

Anonymous said...

well GB and LUX are different

If the law fixes styles and titles than one needs a new law to change
the 1995 decree. That was done with the decree for Jean's children and Prince Robert's wife and children.

The argument with regard to tessy and marriage to last is not taht convincing as she would loose her title if she gets divorced... automatically due to the decree 1995.

Can you see the legal problem? I approach from the mere legal side.

Marlene Eilers Koenig said...

I don't see the difference. Prince Edward and Sophie decided that their children would not be styled as HRH and Prince of Princess, even though the two children are entitled to it ... this was their decision. It has been suggested that Prince Louis, who did renounce his right to the throne (and for his descendants) did not want his wife and children to have a noble style - and this also could have been suggested by Henri, who is the Sovereign, and who decides the titles for the family.