Monday, March 16, 2009

Queen Marie carries offer of crown to Carol

The Chicago Daily Tribune's European correspondent William Shirer reports today that Queen Marie of Roumania is en route to Paris to see her son, Prince Carol. According to "reliable information," the Queen's plan is to bring Carol back "to the throne he renounced for the love of a red-headed girl."
The Queen, who is accompanied by her daughter, Princess Ileana, boarded a train to Belgrade, where they were met by another daughter, Queen Marie of Yugoslavia, and her young son, Crown Prince Peter. The Yugoslavian queen and her son will accompany the party until they reach the Italian border.
Queen Marie of Roumania's palatial, private cars are attached to the Orient Express. Prince Carol is said to be meeting the train tomorrow in Paris.
The Queen's announcement that she would go to Paris has meet with "quick repercussions" from Roumanian politicians. Former prime minister Bratiano, who is considered the person "largely responsible for forcing Carol to renounce his rights, bitterly denounced the regency in a parliamentary debate."
Marie has told her friends that she wants to spend time with her sister, Grand Duchess Victoria, who lives in Dinard, France, which is not far from Prince Carol's home, where he has lived with Elena Lupescu.
Many assume that Carol will join his mother in Dinard, "where final plans will be worked out for a peaceful return to Bucharest and probably the throne."

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