Monday, March 16, 2009

Queen Wilhelmina to visit England

March 16, 1907

The Chicago Daily Tribune reports today that unless the plans are abandoned, Queen Wilhelmina will pay a state visit to the United Kingdom. The visit has been long-postponed due to the Boer War, but Queen Wilhelmina and her consort can expect a "genuine welcome" if they do make the visit this coming summer.

The newspaper also notes that "everyone in London is delighted with the manner in which Queen Alexandra is going about town with her sister, the dowager empress of Russia." The two sisters are seen together at the theatre, nearly every night. "They come so quietly that often the audiences are not aware of the presence of royalty till the performance is well over."
The two women also enjoy "daily rounds of shopping," which is "without any of that restraint which must be observed at home." They drive along Piccadilly or Regent street with little fanfare "without any escort" and are usually unnoticed unless one "is vigilant to note the royal arms on the carriage doors."
Queen Alexandra is said to looking "younger and brighter than ever."

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