Friday, November 9, 2012

Zita wants to leave Spain

November 9, 1922

Former Empress Zita of Austria is "anxious to leave" Spain "where poverty compels her to play the 'poor relation,'" according to Count Joseph Karolyi.

The Associated Press recently reported that Count Karolyi, the Royalist leader recently returned from Spain, which has inspired Royalists to bring Zita back to Hungary

The widow of Emperor Karl recently sold her jewels as the income from her Hungarian estates is "insufficient to meet her expenses because of Hungary's depreciated currency." 

Zita is willing to live at Gödello, near Budapest," and has promised to "not interfere in politics," Count Karolyi said.

Count Albert Apponyi, the former Premier, said that the former Empress "unquestionably has the right to return," but Premier Bethlen is strongly against Zita's return to Hungary.

It is understood that the Hungarian government has offered Zita a "liberal income" if she pledges to remain out of Hungary.

Karolyi added that Zita's spirit remains "unbroken," and she "believes that better times will come for her family."

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