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Prince Vincenz zu Windisch-Graetz to marry

November 14, 1912

The Marquise de Fontenoy reports today on the forthcoming marriage of Prince Vincenz zu Windisch-Graetz and Princess "Lotti" zu Fürstenberg.

Prince Vincenz is a diplomat.  He was recently attached to the Austrian legation at Sofia, and served for a "year or more" at Austria's embassy in Washington, D.C., as a member of the Ambassador's staff, where his "modest, quiet ways, and perfect freedom from all pose and affection made him a general favorite."

The marriage is scheduled to take place on November 20 at Donaueschingen, the bride's family home.

Kaiser Wilhelm II and Archduke Franz Ferdinand, heir to the Austrian throne, are both expected to attend the wedding.  Both men are on "terms of great intimacy" with the bride's father, Max, the Prince of Fürstenberg.

Prince Vincenz is the eldest son and heir of Alfred, the Prince of Windisch-Graetz, who served for several years as prime minister of Austria.

The family lost their sovereignty at the dissolution of the Holy Roman Empire.  The family has, however, "contracted a number of royal and imperial alliances."   Prince Hugo of Windich-Graetz married in 1846 to Princess Luise of Mecklenburg-Schwerin, daughter of the then reigning grand duke.  Prince Otto of Windisch-Graetz is married to Archduchess Elisabeth of Austria, only child of the late Crown Prince Rudolf.

Princess Marie of Windisch-Graetz is the wife of Grand Duke Paul of Meckbenburg-Schwerin, brother of the late Grand Duke.  The late King Alfonso XII was on the verge of marrying a princess of Windisch-Graetz after the death of his first wife, Mercedes.

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