Friday, November 9, 2012

Princess Caroline confirms she is going to be a grandmother

Princess Caroline has confirmed that she is going to be a grandmother early next year.

Paris Match's Royal Blog contacted the Princess' office, and the princess' office released a statement:  Princess Caroline is "happy to confirm the wonderful news."

Earlier in the week, Caroline's future daughter-in-law, Tatiana Santo Domingo told a Spanish newspaper on Tuesday night, La Voz Libre: "Yes, I'm expecting a child.  I'm pregnant."

Tatiana, who is the fiancee of Caroline's elder son, Andrea Casiraghi, is expected to give birth in January.   She told the Spanish newspaper that she and Andrea plan to marry in the spring or summer of 2013.

Although Andrea is in succession to the Monegasque throne, he is not a member of the Sovereign Family, and, thus, is not required to seek approval from Uncle Albert for his marriage.   Those who believe Andrea is a member of the Sovereign family of Monaco are woefully, and sadly, misinformed.

There are only four members of the Sovereign family: the Prince and Princess of Monaco, the Princess of Hanover and Princess Stephanie.

Illegitimate children do not have rights to the succession.  This means Albert's two children, Jazmin Grimaldi and Alexandre Costa, cannot succeed to the throne, although they have rights to a part of Albert's private fortune.

Legitimated children -- children who are born before the parents marry -- do have succession rights, per French and Monegasque law.  This means Princess Stephanie's two older children are in line, but not Stephanie's youngest child, Camille.

Baby Casiraghi will not be a dynast until mommy and daddy tie the knot.  One would hope that they would do the right thing, and have a quiet civil wedding before the baby is born, so the baby would be legitimate, rather than legitimated.


John said...

Preg before marriage (or,not marriage at all) seems to be a popular trend in that family :-/

Unknown said...

Given that it is now nearly March, the baby must have either been born without the press realising it or it wasn't due in January at all. No one's this overdue!

Marlene Eilers Koenig said...

she was working on 2-11 and attended a baby shower in London around that time. I expect the date was given incorrectly.