Thursday, November 29, 2012

Another possible royal engagement announcement

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November 29, 1898

The Chicago Daily Tribune's latest special cable refers to "reports in court circles" that Prince George of Greece is betrothed to Princess Victoria of Wales.

Such a marriage "would unite two of the most interesting personalities" among Europe's young royals. 

The marriage would be "exceedingly popular" in Britain as Prince George, the second son of King George of the Hellenes,"possesses all the robust virtues, including good seamanship," which would certainly appeal to the "English ideal of manhood."

The Greek people idolize Prince George, and he is also the "pride of his family."   There is no other royal can approach him in "stature, vigor, and daring."

Thus, it is not a surprise that Prince George's sterling characters and his love of the sea should appeal to the "unusually lofty ideal" held by Princess Victoria.   She is said to be one of the most self-willed" members of the British royal family, and her "matrimonial prospects" have caused some anxiety to her father and grandmother, Queen Victoria, as she has repeatedly stated that she would "marry for love or not at all."

Princess Victoria and Prince George are first cousins as Victoria's mother, Alexandra, and George's father, King George, are siblings.

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