Thursday, November 8, 2012

Prince George of Russia dead at 35

November 8, 1938

Prince George of Russia, a great-grandson of Emperor Nicholas I of Russia died yesterday at Post-Graduate Hospital in New York City, according to the New York Times.  Prince George was 35 years old.

The cause of death of pneumonia which he had developed after undergoing an appendectomy at the end of August.

He had lived in New York City since 1929.

A memorial service was held last night at the Russian Orthodox Church of Christ our Saviour at 121st Street and Madison Avenue.  The funeral was held this morning at the same church, and the prince's remains will be interred at Mt. Olivet cemetery.

Princess Paul Chavchavadze and her sister, Princess Xenia, second cousins of Prince George, will represent the family at the funeral, although Grand Duchess Marie may return from Chicago in time to join the other mourners.

Prince George Constantinovitch of Russia was born at St. Petersburg on April 23, 1903, the third son of Grand Duke Constantine Constantovich and Princess Elisabeth of Saxe-Altenberg.  His father died at Pavlovsk in 1915.

The prince's oldest brother, Prince Ioann, was shot and killed by the Bolsheviks in 1918.

After the outbreak of the Russian Revolution, the young prince was sent to Sweden for safety.  In England, he entered the "decorating business," and at the age of 24, he received a commission to design several rooms at the American Embassy in London.

Nine years ago, Prince George sailed from Liverpool to visit the United States.  He planned to stay for only three months but eventually decided to make New York City his home.  For several years, he was employed by Sax Fifth Avenue in New York City and in Palm Beach.

Three months before he became ill, he was "associated" with J.J. Vincent, the concert manager.

Prince George was unmarried.  He is survived by his brother, Prince Gabriel, who lives in France, and two sisters, Princess Tatiana and Princess Vera, who live in Switzerland and Germany, respectively. 

George's mother, Grand Duchess Elisabeth died in 1927.

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