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Al and Mica: still going strong!!

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One wonders what would Frederick Alexander von Preussen's paternal grandmother, Lady Brigid Guinness, think about her 27-year-old grandson's romance with 43-year-old soul singer, Mica Paris, the mother of two children. 

They met in December 2008 at the "swanky 606 jazz club in west London.

"We didn't stop talking for about six hours, " Mica told Fabulous Magzine in February 2009.  "It was a meeting of minds.  I could never communicate with someone who was immature and Al's certainly not that."

Alexander, known as Al, responded: “Our relationship is perfect. It’s a meeting of minds, heart,  body and soul. I’m so proud to call Mica my girlfriend. Yes, there’s an age  gap, but it doesn’t matter to us. I feel totally at ease with a woman as long as there’s a mental connection, which there most definitely is with  Mica.”

Although Richard Kay describes toyboy Al as Prince Frederick Alexander of Prussia, the young man is legally Frederick Alexander von Preussen.  He was born in London on November 15, 1984, the younger of two children of Prince Andrew of Prussia and Alexandra Blahova. 

Andrew is the second child of the late Prince Friedrich Georg of Prussia, fourth son of Crown Prince Wilhelm, and Lady Brigid Guinness, daughter of the 2nd Earl of Iveagh.  Andrew's marriage is morganatic, and his two children -- he also has a daughter, Tatiana -- are not considered members of the Prussian royal family.  Tatiana is an architect, and is a member of the board of the Guinness Partnership.

The male line descendants of Prince Friedrich have the surname von Preussen. 

The late Lady Brigid, who left her princely husband -- he was found dead in the Rhine river in 1966 (death ruled as drowning)  -- for Major Anthony Ness, was one of the Guinness heirs.  Her sister, Lady Honor, was the wife of Paul "Chips" Channon.

Andrew's older brother, Prince Nicholas, is divorced from the Hon. Victoria Mancroft.   His younger siblings are Princess Victoria, Prince Rupert and Princess Antonia, who is married to the Marquess of Douro, heir to the Duke of Wellington.
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Mica (pronounced Misha) Paris was born Michele Wallen on April 27, 1969 in south London.  Her parents were born in Jamaica.

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Kalnel said...

I don't know about Lady Brigid, but I can't imagine too many grandmothers (royal or not) would be thrilled with their grandsons taking up with much older, divorced, D-list Jamaican celebrities with children. But, you never know...

In the Daily Mail picture, Al looks a bit like the Duke of Cambridge, especially around the nose and eyes.