Saturday, November 10, 2012

A pathetic little story

The men and women who write for the Globe, one of the trashiest of trashy weeklies, make a lot of money.  Seriously.  Big bucks.  For writing fiction.   Really.  Fiction.  Made up!

This story is utter nonsense.  The Queen is NOT going to make Kate Queen when she has a baby. She is not going to bypass the Prince of Wales, and give the keys to kingdom to the Duke of Duchess of Cambridge.

The Queen does not have this power.  Succession to the throne is promulgated by Parliament.   Only Parliament can change the succession.  Not the Sovereign.

Earning a lot of money (I mean a lot of money) for writing this tosh is absolutely obscene and insulting to real journalism.  Perhaps the Globe can hire a fact checker for even half of what the "writers" earn. 

When Queen Elizabeth II dies, the throne will pass to her eldest son, the Prince of Wales.  He will become King Charles III.  William will become the Duke of Cornwall (and, at some point, he will be named as the Prince of Wales.) 

William will become king only after the death of his father. Not before.  


julaine said...

...and people wonder why the British Royal Family is working so hard not to turn the Duchess of Cambridge into a media star. You read such appalling trash simply because this young couple want to have some shred of a private life. Hearing he's spoiled and lazy for working a full time job in the military and taking on an increasing Royal role while trying to not outshine the good works his father has done for more than 40 years all the while trying to adjust to married life and shield his wife from the unrelenting tabloid glare. Such nonsense. I wonder how people who armchair criticize would cope with hundreds of cameras turned in their direction every time they stepped in public. Some were absolutely gleeful that some appalling peeping tom took photographs of the DOC from over half a mile away on private property in a secluded valley. They were outraged when the paper and photographer were penalized because they had broken the law. That this couple should have the same rights as any other citizen whose privacy had been wantonly violated. William watched his parents marriage crumble and the destruction of his mother, in no little part due to the added pressures of the unrelenting press scrutiny and he also has the example of his Grandparents' marriage, which model do you think he wishes to emulate?

Of course,The Globe is trash and the story is laughable but I wonder at the motives of the people publishing this tripe. Is it because the Royal Family has been stubborn about trying to protect their younger generation and they are trying to force them to be more accessible to counter the negative press and absurd stories? Pictures and stories about the younger Royal sell and right now the Royals are withholding what the press consider their biggest moneymakers. After the bonanza of the Royal Wedding, the Diamond Jubilee and the Olympics there is a void and the biggest news in Great Britain right now is corruption in the media itself.

Marlene Eilers Koenig said...

The globe is American. So many forget that Catherine is not the second lady of the land. She is the wife of the second in line, who has no constitutional role. The queens daughters and daughters in law and the York princesses take precedence. Her real role begins when William is heir

julaine said...

I realize The Globe is an American tabloid which ranks the truth up with Elvis sightings and alien baby stories but it is indicative of a trend I am seeing with ALL the tabloids. An appalling disregard for even the least attempt at fact checking and impartiality in their stories. They make up stories, tell out right lies and libel with impunity and then bank on the Royals (and others) to not to want to give more exposure to their lies by sueing. Then saddest part of the equation is that people buy this trash by the train car load and it influences their opinions even when they claim to not believe the stories.

I have a deep love of history and a magpie's delight is gorgeous jewelry so following the remaining descendants of the rulers of some of the mighest empires in the last millennium cause me to keep up with the last remnants of European Royalty. I enjoy seeing them perform rituals and duties the same way their mighty ancestors did decades or even centuries ago. The birth, weddings and other celebrations are examples of ties that unite individuals, families and countries and even though on a much larger scale reaffirm ties that that unite all of us. I don't need to pry behind the curtain and view each and every private moment of their lives. So much of it is circumscribed by public life from the moment of their birth. Let them, and us, have some dignity.